Friday, March 12, 2010

Friday Night

Today, its one on those Friday nights when i am sitting alone in front of my laptop and thinking about my future, life ahead and what exactly i wanted to do ?
Read my last post, been more than a year old. I am asking questions to myself - what did i do in the last whole year ? Did i work really hard or was i too busy? What exactly did i do ??

And I am not able to recollect myself...where were i ? and where the hell wasted my life ?
Answer is plain simple - time wasted in doing nothing.

I keep wondering - is this what life is all about ??

When we used to be in schools, colleges, we used to make plans about doing something meaningful in life but as times passes by, we keep forgetting all those plans. We get used to living life as it comes and it means making compromises and just doing nothing to change the things in and around ourselves.

In pensive mood and feels like writing so many things here. I don't know who will read this (if any) but really want some one who can understand the feeling behind writing these. Someone who can understand me and really inspire me, - so that i can go after my goals and work hard towards what i really wants from my life. Someone who has faith in me and in my dreams .

I should put a halt here otherwise I will keep on writing the whole night.
But, being too reserve about my personal life, I do not want to share too much , so leaving this half way......

Note: I don't know but I am not comfortable in disclosing too much about my life....seriously wants someone to share all my thoughts without any inhibitions..!!
Is this the time to settle down and to have a "life-partner" ...?

Monday, December 1, 2008

Mumbai Terrorist Attack - Madness & Mayhem !!


For so long i was almost dormant and was not writing here, although i had so many things to share with you all But recent events in my beloved country had shaken me from inside. Have we become so helpless that terrorist come at will & unleash terror with out even once been stopped. For 62 hours they engaged out Best commando's in a war like battle that too in financial Hub.

If places like Taj & Oberoi hotel could become soft targets what can we expect of the smaller places.

Questions being raised are WHO Should we Blame for all this ? As much as terrorst are responsible so do our Politicains and people running our country. 
Read this fabulous article by non other than ex Raw cheif - It was a collective failure of all the systems.....

Terror now stalks the country. As one watched the television screens on the night of November 26 it seemed a re-run of past terrorist incidents in India. Yet these were different. India has not seen a terrorist attack of this kind where terrorists have stormed a hotel, taken people hostage, killed others and have made no ransom demand so far. Obviously they are playing for publicity and merely want to draw attention to themselves and whatever be their demands. Our hysterical response on television channels and confused response of the authorities adds to the publicity.

Anyone watching the television scenes would have noticed that the terrorists seemed calm, physically fit and had not even bothered to cover their faces. Their demeanour was that of well trained persons, familiar with their surroundings and the task to be accomplished almost commando-like in their bearing. They were either planning to drop their weapons after the act and melt into the crowd or go down fighting. The game is simple -- the longer the crisis lasts, the greater the publicity and greater the pressure on the government to do something. It will require consummate skill and determination to overcome this crisis with minimal loss of innocent lives.

The present lot of terrorists are not the traditional suicide bombers ready to blow themselves up. Yet somehow the manner of their arrival by boats and the physical features of the terrorists brings to mind Mumbai March 1993. At that time too a part of the plot was to carry out killings at other selected targets after the simultaneous bomb explosions. The area of operation and the targets were also quite similar -- upper class and affluent. Is there a Pakistani�ISI-Dawood hand in this? It is still early days but these questions need to be asked.

In India our tendency has been to make some post event superficial changes, pious declarations of intent and condemnations of the act accompanied by horrendous photographs of the event with knee jerk expert comments from media rookies. That is until the next attack takes place. We do not even have adequate laws to deal with the threat like the British and the Americans do, and for a country that has had to face terrorism for most of its independent existence, we do not even have national identity cards because it is politically inexpedient. Our border controls remain inadequate.

Post event the investigating agencies should be allowed to operate in areas and societies from where the attack is suspected to have occurred or planned. There can be little success if exclusions are made on grounds of religion or region.

Public indifference to terrorist incidents may indicate that the people may have overcome fear which is a positive development but if it is because of indifference to suffering based on the hope that 'I' shall not be the target because tragedies are only meant for 'the other', then we have a problem.

There is inadequate public response because it is generally assumed that prevention of terrorism is exclusively the task of the State. This attitude has to change and only the State can help this change. The average citizen must be encouraged and educated to help the State by providing clues, warnings and assistance in investigations.

It has to be acknowledged that the police force is inadequately prepared to deal with the menace and it is not their fault that this is so. The governments of the day are responsible for this state of affairs. Ill equipped, ill trained, undermanned station houses they live in appalling conditions sometimes at the mercy of the very don against whom they are supposed to protect the society. Successive governments have taken away the authority and the dignity of the profession.

The public has little confidence in the force and the force is unsympathetic to the public. The witness protection schemes are badly flawed and justice is indefinitely delayed. There is little incentive for the public to come forward with evidence and little incentive for the force to prosecute. Invariably, always each terrorist incident evokes criticism about intelligence failure.

In India, there is a general lack of appreciation (one suspects at the highest level as well) that intelligence agencies are the sword arms of the nation (not the government) in the furtherance of its foreign security interests and the protection of the country.

In normal times, when it is the best time for the agencies to be allowed to hone their skills, develop their sources and prepare for the future, they suffer from benign neglect. Posts remain unsanctioned, purchase of new equipment is postponed and upgrading is frowned upon, all because the powers-that-be assess that the threat has passed.

Yet, when an incident takes place, intelligence agencies become the useful whipping boys with politicians and others ready to shift blame as they assess their political fortunes.

The best and perhaps the only way to fight terrorism is to develop and sustain an effective intelligence system, not only at the Centre but at every level down to the constable. Unless we have this we will continue to get surprised.

What we have today is systemic failure. All systems have malfunctioned.

A terrorist event makes a good story or 'breaking news', but the media too needs some rules of conduct. It is important to report the truth but it is also sometimes important when we are fighting a war to sometimes not report or to modify the report without modifying the truth. Repeated telecast of pictures of frightened families, terrified children or mangled bodies is a victory for the terrorist. He has succeeded in frightening the people. And photographs of a prospective witness circulated widely would only help the terrorist. Often we glorify a terrorist when we refer to him as a fidayeen.

All this has to change too if we want to win the war on terrorism. India must get ready to detect, deter and destroy this menace before it destroys us


I will be back sure soo to write a lot. This is a promise !!

A Proud Indian
Tahir Khan

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

United Colours of "London"

So howz life in london , so gotta say pretty good till now (by Allah's grace & mercy.)
This truelly a cosmopolitan city in every sense. You never know from which country the person sitting next to you belongs to. You hear so many languages, see so many cultures, dressing sense, still no one bothers for you and about you. Every one is so perfectly blended with the london spirit that u really feel like "why cant our cities be like this".
Some truelly amazing aspects about life over here:
1) No one bothers for you . Its been more than 2 months here and I had not faced any problems related untill now, be it related to my ethnicity or culture.
2) There are just so many asians, you harldy feel like away from your country.
3) Every one is living life at their own terms but respecting other persons culture's and privacy.
4) Architecture and sculpture's here is extrelmely amazing. Everythign has been given an artistic touch, be it a bridge, a pillar to support something. You will find touch of art everyhere.
5) London is perfect place for tourists because of art everywhere. All you need is a camera to capture every moment where ever you go and a perfect company to make things extremely enjoyable and cherishing(sadly I'm missing both).
6) best place to spent time, sauntering around and across city, no one will disturb you.

There are so many things that wud love to write over here . But as always i am writng this after midnight that too on a week day , so gotta hit my bed.........But signing off with a promise to be back sooon.........

Untill then........
Enjoy Life.


Reasons for my absence !

Freinds M back !!
This time no excuse for not writing for so long. I should say i was busy in nothing.
Anyways , here are the reasons for my absense:
1) Exploring the new city...Weekdays mostly office and weekends roaming here and there.
2) For the first few days i did not have net connection so wasn't able, then got busy in visiting the places.
3) I am staying alone here in london(there are few guys over here , but cook for themselves and have there own group). So since i stay alone , i cook by myself . Most of the evenign time goes in cooking , but no regrets as learning soemthing new in life(chicken & all....).
4) whatever time i get , keep browsing and feel lazy to write.
5) Since lost touch for so long , so wasn't feelign like writing at all...

Enough of that ....
Life in london is good, but i am not finding much difference between how i was leaving in india and here except climate, weather , quality of life and above all , the time i am getting for myself these days.

I have to write about the life and people over here.....
Check out next blog ....

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Namaste London !!

Apologies (typical of me) for not writing for so long.But as you can guess it from the heading itself, was abusy in backing my back in relocating to london.
Last month or so was the busiest one of my life. Even 15 minutes were so precious and i realised 24 hours something feels like 1 or 2 hours. I was dieing to get some free time. Needless to say but was preparing myself for the New Odessy in my life.

So guys & gals, I have reached to London on 3rd August. Needless to say, am amazing city. Hasn't explored it much but ya , i started falling in love with the place , the people...I know what you must be thinking now.So for you perverted souls , you guessed right , people here means Pretty & beautifull gals.

Anyways backto main topic(or rather move away from main topic).
Till now searching for a place to unravel my bags and all. Staying with my freind called Vinesh at his companies provided accomodation till now. But will bemoving anyhow by week end.

Its quite late & as always m writing this quite late , so in my patented style signing off this in midway with a promise to write in detail soon.

Till then...

Cheers :-)

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Life's Busy !!

Apologies from ma side for not writing here for so long....!!
Life had taken a u-turn for me since last month. For almost a year or so i was free like anything , hadn't had much to do either in office or in personal life. But it seems those days are over now.
As i mentioned in previous scraps , m attending some KT's seesions by clients . For whole day i remain occupied in trainings , then in the evening have to prepare myself for some playback sessions . Try my hands at labs , try to grasp what out Instructor had conveyed to us the whole day.
On week end''s fulfill my family & personal obligations. Usually travel to my home town to sort out family problems, other issues .
What to say , life was not so busy for so long & suddenly its taken U-turn.

Not finding words now , as too tired & mind needs rest . Its 30 past midnight now and i have to get up early tomorrow anyhow by 7:00(early by my standard).......have to study & to prepare ma self for some test & playback session .

Will write in detail , have so much to express here........but see not have time anymore......!!
Bear with me.....
Wil soon update this place with some interesting & spicy stuff''s

Till then....
Enjoy Life


Sunday, June 29, 2008

Gone in winds - 50 % of 2008 gone !!

Its last day of june 2008 . Half of year just gone by . I made some grandeur plans & resolutions when the year started , some gets executed , some still in cold storage & for some i m still planning.
Its 5 past midnight now , but m jotting down my thoughts even though m having severe head ache .

Leaving now ....Will write in details later on....abt few of my idiosyncracies...( may be abt many ).

Chalo , till then , Have Fun & Enjoy Life

Cheers :-)